Medical Tourism Marketing

Consulting/speaking/training – One of Ilan’s business category specialties is Medical Tourism. As a marketing/advertising/branding executive for many years, Ilan had the opportunity to work with both tourism and healthcare clients. This experience works well within the medical tourism industry, where both hospitals and hospitality matter. Since 2008, Ilan has been involved in the industry as a sought after conference speaker, and was approached quietly by healthcare executives to provide counsel and advice on many branding, brand strategy and marketing issues.

Among the destinations Ilan visited are: Mexico, Colombia, Portugal, England, Germany, Romania, Croatia, Israel, France, Monaco, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Dubai, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Kosovo, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, China, Philippines, India,  South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia. In the Unites States Ilan worked with clients in California, Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, Florida, Missouri, and Wisconsin.

As of today, Ilan has visited dozens of countries, hospitals, clinics and medical tourism destinations. It enables him to audit the entire spectrum of brand touchpoints, and assess the patient (consumer) experience from the moment they start their journey, until they are back home, and beyond.

He has provided counsel at various stages of the brand life cycle, be it before inception, at initial development, through growth, and also at the final stage of decline.Many of his observations proved to be on target, assisting decision makers from both public and private sectors make an informed decision directly affecting the fate of their brands.

In addition, Ilan has delivered thought provoking workshops, opening minds to possibilities, guiding how to avoid stumbling upon common mistakes and perceptions, and providing necessary inspiration to those still sitting on the fence.

Some of the prominent forums Ilan is invited to share his expertise as a speaker and industry leader are:

IMTJ Summit, TEMOS Conference, World Healthcare Congress, Medical Korea, Istanbul Health Expo, China International Healthcare Services Industry Innovation Development Forum, and International Healthcare Industrial resources Cooperation & Investment Promotion Conference , Forum Portucalense Portugal, MIHTE Conference Malaysia, and many more.