Destination Branding/Marketing

Paula Oliveira, Executive Director of Tursimo de Lisboa said: “Through the marketing and educational trips IG&F were successful in creating an impressive 10% response rate among the participants in their marketing activities. In addition, they won recognition to the Lisbon brand by winning the awards they did. Working with IG&F is always a pleasure. They are professionals who love what they do, and it shows”

Lisbon Convention Bureau (Turismo de Lisboa) – Lisbon is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, and most unknown. We were approached by the LCB in 2007 to increase the brand awareness of the city in the U.S., and increase the number of Meetings, Incentive travel, Conventions and Events (MICE) booked by U.S. based buyers.

During 7 years of mutual work, we have significantly increased the brand awareness of Lisbon in the U.S. and with it the bottom line for the city.

It is now a sought after destination, and the brand experience we have introduced to U.S. MICE buyers created a buzz in the community. We have used direct mailing, e-mail messaging and personal selling to introduce the city to a very small, targeted audience of no more than 7000 international MICE buyers.

Our work won industry awards (Adrian and Summit) and that added PR component to the exposure Lisbon gained. One of the noticeable effect of our collaboration was the training session we have conducted for the industry members in Lisbon. We have trained Portuguese providers (hotels, venues and other hospitality suppliers) in ways to improve doing business with U.S. buyers. The immediate effect was felt when the GM of a 5 star hotel in Lisbon has instructed his employees to follow our guidance, Needless to say, that training has improved the brand customer experience significantly.

Today, seven years later, we look back with great satisfaction at the results achieved.