Corporate Turnaround

“I feel very confident in recommending Ilan to anyone in need of brand development, and brand consulting. His contribution to our organization was significant”
Francisco Gonzales-Pulido, President, JAHN Architecture.

JAHN – As a global architecture firm, Murphy/Jahn needed a corporate turnaround. We helped them reposition, update and reintroduce the firm to the world, with its new internal partners, attitude and reinvigorated commitment.

We enabled them to achieve all the objectives in the following areas:

  • Market analysis, ethnography search and extensive interviews
  • Deep analysis of the business using SWOT methodology
  • A thorough investigation of the competitive market, identifying ownable brand assets
  • Developing discussion guides for staff and management
  • Complete Brand Audit of all brand touchpoints
  • Present/ report finding and recommendations

The firm changed its name to JAHN, and achieved outstanding consensus and results in these complicated matters within a short time frame. JAHN proceeded to execute a new brand identity program, new website, new PR efforts, and decided to hire a new marketing director while looking also into changing the interior office environment to better fit the new brand position.