Rebranding – Repositioning

“We think the world of Ilan Geva and his team. They’ve helped us change from top to bottom. They’ve given us a new look that we really needed. They’ve worked with us on every aspect of our business. They’re trusted partners—and an important part of our expansion plans for the future.”

Buona – As a family owned and operated business since 1981, Buona Beef was a brand in the maturity stage of its life cycle, not showing growth or reflecting future trends. It was also a very confusing brand for consumers, with an Italian name and heritage but Tamales and Chinese food items on the menu…while we have been discussing and planning for the launch of the new Buona brand, existing Buona Beef restaurants appeared to require attention. They represented the bulk of existing business and they have been stagnant or slightly down in revenue during the past. We’ve improved traffic and increased revenue at existing restaurants and we’ve developed a plan that gave us substantial learning and success.


Our team included many experts and together we developed and implemented a test program of new branding, positioning, and marketing for the existing restaurant brand, incorporating ideas, menu changes, graphic elements and marketing plans that we’ve discussed for a new Buona concept. The rebrand included consumer experience, staff training, exterior design, interior design, menu design, all printed elements, POS, menu boards, drive through menu, catering and online orders.


The newly introduced Buona brand is a successful brand with ownable assets, both in tangible and intangible brand values and customer experience. As a matter of fact, it is now a model, which could be taken into national franchise status.